R&D as a service

Setting up or scaling an in-house software engineering operation can be costly and time-consuming, especially when it’s not a core part of your business. The challenge becomes even harder when you try to keep up with new development techniques, environments, platforms and technology.

We have the talent, processes, labs and global delivery model to make your software research and development world class. You benefit from our streamlined operations, decades of investment and technological know-how, to get Software R&D as a Service that is scaled and configured to your needs.

You are likely to hear “outsourcing” associated with software development projects. Yet there are far more business procedures and projects to be outsourced – and one of them is R&D. Research and Development as a service

Save time and money

We focus on outcomes, so you pay for results, not the amount of time spent on a project. Add this agile development practices and top-notch talent – you get a solution that saves you time and money.

Agility and flexibility

If you need to act fast to respond to market conditions, meet dynamic demand or adopt new technology, we can help by giving you access to our partner ecosystem and skilled resources at short notice.

Full service solution

You get more than just traditional software R&D services. We help you with dialogue, design, fast-prototyping, agile iterations, CI/CD with supporting DevOps and joint go-to-market initiatives.

Advisory and consulting service

Our experts work with you to select the best processes, tools, competences, technologies and delivery model so you can achieve your business goals

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