cloud-brix are easy to install branded data center hardware and equipment powered by an EMP Services cloud system. The system allows cheap native cloud targeting different levels of cloud consumers. Cloud-brix branded equipment and hardware is referred to as cloud-brix hardware. The integrated software for running cloud system is referred to as cloud-brix stack. brix is used as a short name for cloud-brix.

Widening Cloud Market

cloud-brix primarily targets small and medium scale businesses, government departments, NGOs and other institutions who use computing as an important tool in their business. As we all know, today, almost everyone has a dire need for computing services. So the target market is very large.

Easy does it!

The hardware are packaged with software that allows plug and play deployment. While technical expertise can allow one to maximize use of the brix, it is possible to plug and play with very simple and short instructions to get started.

In-premises Cloud.

The nature of cloud provision can be challenging to institutions that handle sensitive and legal information. For example businesses that handle financial, health information, legal services may need cloud services but the nature of public cloud services may jeopardize some of their laid down regulations. This is another area where cloud-brix can bridge regulatory gaps.